The iTOP intracellular delivery technology is based on a combination of small molecule compounds which forces the uptake of large gulps of extracellular fluid (containing the bioactive molecules) by the cell (D’Astolfo et al. 2015, Cell 161: 674-690).

Once inside, the vesicles release their content into the cytoplasm, where the bioactive molecules can exert their therapeutic action.

The iTOP technology efficiently transduces native proteins, peptides, nanobodies and small oligonucleotides into virtually any cell type and can be fully optimized for specific biologicals or target cell types.

Key advantages of iTOP technology:

  • Unprecedented transduction efficiency in otherwise difficult to manipulate primary (stem) cells.
  • The narrow control over dosage and timing of the delivered protein
  • The non-integrating nature of protein manipulation, improving safety and minimizing off -target effects.

iTOP is highly efficient, routinely transducing >90% of cells and with minimal to no toxicity. The exceptionally high efficiency of iTOP is eliminating the need for selection of transduced cells.

New therapies for the treatment of genetic diseases and cancer
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