BCF Scale-up Award 2019 “NTrans – a unique gene editing therapy company”

Last May at the BCF Career Event NTrans Technologies has been awarded the BCF Scale-up Award. What is the story behind this upcoming life science business?


The story of NTrans Technologies starts in 2015 in the laboratories of the Hubrecht Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (NWO). However, its gene editing technology dates back to the moment the research group of Prof. Niels Geijsen at the Hubrecht Institute and Utrecht University discovered that a combination of two small molecules (sodium chloride and NDSB-201) triggers the cells’ natural uptake process and is particularly suitable for the application of gene editing technology. Marco de Boer, co-founder and CEO of NTrans Technologies explains: ‘Our iTOP-technology is unique, extremely effective and very different from other methods. It is one of only a few methods available for the intracellular delivery of gene editing proteins.’
Niels Geijsen directly saw the potential of his invention in gene-editing for therapeutic purposes and patent applications were filed to protect the intellectual property (IP). With the intention to develop the technology further and explore its clinical potential, Geijsen went looking for someone with business experience in the life sciences. At that time, Niels Geijsen met with Marco de Boer who has received his MBA from the Nyenrode Business University, and a background in molecular biology. Geijsen and De Boer joined forces, and they founded the company together in 2015.
NTrans Technologies develops therapeutic gene editing applications to treat genetic disorders and cancer. De Boer: ‘We were fortunate to raise over €2.5M in non-dilutive funding, which allowed us to translate the fundamental discoveries into a clinically-applicable gene editing platform. Our proof-of-concept data demonstrates in vivo gene correction. Together with physicians and patient organizations we are now working to apply this in patiënts’

New therapies for the treatment of genetic diseases and cancer
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