NTrans completes H2020-ENTRANCE project

NTrans has successfully completed the H2020-ENTRANCE project. The results of the project have been publised on the CORDIS website in six languages at:  https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/415539-itop-technology-for-protein-delivery-into-cells?WT.mc_id=exp

NTrans researchers have optimised the composition of iTOP and developed protocols for the most effective transfection of various cell types including cell lines, stem cells and T lymphocytes. They have also tested a range of reagents for the delivery of different molecules. “The ENTRANCE funding has been fundamental to the development of the iTOP Technology,” emphasises de Boer.

The platform is ready to be marketed and partners are looking for an established CRISPR tool supplier with international sales. Ongoing efforts focus on the development of a proprietary novel CRISPR endonuclease which, in combination with iTOP, will offer a unique therapeutic platform for immune therapy and genomic applications.

NTrans is also taking the next steps towards the clinical development for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. “Our mission is to translate the unique iTOP Technology into new revolutionary therapies for the treatment of genetic diseases and cancer,” concludes de Boer.

New therapies for the treatment of genetic diseases and cancer
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