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We deliver…



NTrans Technologies BV


Utrecht, The Netherlands


NTrans Technologies BV was founded in 2015 based on a proprietary platform technology for the intracellular delivery of bioactive molecules developed at the Hubrecht Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences.


We are further developing this technology for both research and clinical purposes as a method for the delivery of biologicals that is safe, non-toxic, highly efficient, and easy to use.


Our goal is to be a leader in technologies for the transduction of proteins and other bioactive molecules into primary cells.


We offer licensing of the unique transduction platform with thorough technical support to optimize your transduction.


Efficient Intracellular Delivery of Native Proteins

Cell 161(3):674-690 · April 2015 Modulation of protein function is used to intervene in cellular processes but is often done indirectly by means of introducing DNA or mRNA encoding the effector protein. Thus far, direct intracellular delivery of proteins has remained challenging. We developed a method termed iTOP, for induced

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